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Slipstick Rubber Caster Wheels to Protect Hard Floor Surfaces, Set of 5

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Item # 107*CB680

Approximate Dimensions
  • Stem Diameter: 7/16"
  • Wheel Diameter: 2"
  • Castor Height (from base of stem to bottom of castor): 2 7/16"
  • From Base of Stem to Top of Stem: 13/16"
  • Universal Stem: Tempered Steel
  • Dust Cover: High Impact Black Polypropylene
  • Wheel: Special Formulated Rubber
  • Rating: Rated to 66 lbs. Per Castor Wheel Moving Load Capacity(330 lbs total for 5 wheels)
  • Easy Installation
  • Glides Quietly
  • Cleans Easily
  • 5 Yr. Free Replacement Warranty (1 Yrs Warranty for Commercial Use)
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    For Hard Surfaced Floors Hardwood, laminate, tile, slate, marble and other hard floor surfaces are to be found in many homes today. In order to preserve these beautiful floor surfaces, care must be taken to minimize opportunities for scratching, scuffing, indenting, or otherwise harming the floor surface. Desk Chairs Need to Be Hard Surface Compatible Desk chairs can do a real number on a hard surface flooring, depending on what material the castor wheels are made. Plastic castor wheels are a real no no. Plastic castors will scuff and scratch hard surfaces. Felt covered wheels are a step in the right direction, but due to lack of traction they may not roll nor rotate properly on a hard surface. This increases the chances for scratches and scuffs on the hard floor surface and also causes the felt covering on the castors to wear out prematurely. The Solution -- Rubber Tired Caster Wheels The Slipstick® Rubber Castor wheel provides sufficient traction so that the wheels turn and rotate easily. Your desk chair can be moved easily over the floor in any direction. The rubber tired castors are sufficiently soft to not cause scratches, scuffs, nor indents on the floor surface. New and Improved Slipstick® has just recently improved its rubber tired castor by making it even stronger than before. The 7/16" universal stem is tempered steel. The dust cover is high impact black polypropylene. Each castor is rated to 66 lb. Thus, for a set of five castors on a desk chair, the total moving load capacity is 330 lbs. Warranty Slipstick® Rubber castor Wheels are covered by a 5 Year Free Replacement Manufacturer's Warranty (the Commercial Warranty is for 1 Year). Any Slipstick® product that fails due to premature wear, faulty materials, or manufacture defect will be replaced free of charge. Easy Installation
    1. Pull out the castor to be replaced, gripping it with a glove or towel
    2. Install the new castor into the vacant stem hole and push in as far as possible. The castor will seat itself into place
    How Sold This castor is sold only as a set of 5. Thus, selecting a quantity of 1 will result in a purchase of 1 set of 5 casters. Selecting a quantity of 2 will result in a purchase of 2 sets of 5 or 10 total casters.

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