Suffering from Sagging Mattress Syndrome (SMS)? Your bed may require a center support if you find yourself constantly rolling towards the middle of the bed. Center Supports add essential mattress support, protecting not only your investment in a bed, but also the quality of your sleep. Center Supports are available for all sizes of beds, including Twin, Full, Queen, and King size.

Many mattress makers will void their warranties if sufficient center support is not provided. Wood slats alone do not provide any support - You need something with legs which are touching the floor. This also protects your wood side rails from bending and breaking.

That "Free Frame" you received when you purchased your mattress may be doing you and your mattress harm. Most likely, you received a cheap promotional frame which offers no center support and less than average weight capacity. A heavy duty steel center support system (Such as the MightyLift supports) will protect your bed from any further damage the "Free Frame" may do. 

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