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Sofa Snap Sectional Couch Connector, Flat HD Fixed Mount (Model #345)

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Item # 134*SS345

Tame Roaming Modular Sectionals
If your sectional sofa keeps moving around, you can fasten the sections together with the Sofa Snap® bracket.

For Heavy-Duty Applications
The Model #345 is for heavy duty applications.
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    The Solution for Roaming Modular Furniture Sections If your sectional sofa keeps moving around, you can fasten the sections together with the Sofa Snap®: bracket. Each part of the Sofa Snap® gets fastened to underneath the sofa section you want to keep together; you are now ready to "snap" the sections together. One Sofa Snap® for Each Two Modular Sections You'll need one Sofa Snap® bracket set (as pictured) for each two sections you want to keep together. (The sofa sections can easily be separated later as well.) Model 345 Compared to Model 910 This Sofa Snap® Model #345 is identical to our Sofa Snap® Model #910 except that the male tab, which the forks clip onto when the Sofa Snap® is in the engaged position, is a solid triangular shape for increased strength and durability. The triangular male tab is held securely in place with 5 screws. Sofa Snap® #345 Features:
    • Simple design
    • Heavy Duty Construction will securely hold sectionals even in high traffic areas
    • Fixed Mount remains stationary for a stronger hold
    • Easy installation using the 9 screws we provide
    • Supreme quality, lifetime warranty
    Additional Considerations
    • While one Sofa Snap® bracket is sufficient for most applications, some customers have found that sectionals located in high-traffic environments may benefit from installing two Sofa Snap® brackets at each separation.
    • In addition, the “Fixed Mount” models (#910, #917, and #345) are not designed to pivot, allowing a stronger connection.
    • Sofa Snap® brackets may not provide a secure connection if your Sectional pieces are located on an uneven surface, or if they stand at different heights from the floor (replacing the legs to all be the same height can fix this).
    Approx. Mounting Plate Dimensions:
    • Male Triangular Insertion Post: 2-1/8" x 1-5/8"
    • Female Dual Fork: 2-1/8" x 1-3/4"
    Registered Trademark Sofa Snap® is a registered trademark of Homeplace Group, Inc. Click Here for Instructions

    Additional Information

    Mattress Size No
    Leg Height No
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