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Replacement Male Angle Clip/Tab/Tongue for #910 Sofa Snap Brackets, Set of 3

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Item # 103*601159

Product Summary
These Replacement Male Angle Tongues (also called Clips, Tabs, or Catch Pins) work with the Model #910 Sofa Snap® brackets. If you only need to replace this half of the bracket, and still have a working female half of the bracket, these are the part you need.
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    By Popular Demand By popular demand, we are now offering these Male Angle Tongues, which work with the Model #910 Sofa Snap® Brackets. These small tabs are sometimes broken while moving furniture. Replace Only the Defective Part If the female half of your Sofa Snap® bracket still works (the "forks"), there is no need to replace the entire unit. Now, replace just the broken or missing tabs. Installation and Operation These pieces come packaged as a Set of 3, as pictured, and include screws for installation. They install on the bottom of your sofa to match up with the female half of a #910 Sofa Snap® bracket. Once connected, you can separate the pieces of your sectional by lifting the half which has the male bracket installed on it. Registered Trademark Sofa Snap® is a registered trademark of Homeplace Group, Inc. Click Here for Instructions

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