Sleeper Sofas

Revitalize your sleeper sofa, don't throw it out! We supply replacement polypropylene decks for many of the most popular models of Sleeper Sofa Frames, so you can replace just the torn fabric, not the entire sofa. In the event that your folding steel frame is bent or damaged, we also offer the entire replacement mechanisms, as well as a comfortable selection of mattresses, including the deluxe Air Dream mattress.

The two most common manufacturers of Sleeper Sofa Frames are Leggett & Platt or Hickory Springs. Please note - This is different than the company which made your sofa. Often, you will find a small sticker on the steel frame of the mechanism, a tag sewn to the fabric, or a stamp near the mounting plates, which will list the Manufacturer and Model Number for your mechanism. Please locate this information, as it allows us to match up the correct parts with your current unit.