Mounting the Handle Assembly

The Handle Assembly is mounted to the recliner with two flat head screws not larger in shaft diameter than 3/16". The screws are inserted through the mounting plate located next to the D-Ring Handle. The cable is attached to the recliner mechanism with a metal O Ring which is attached to the terminating end of the cable.

Approximate Cable and Handle Assembly Dimensions

  • From the Inside of the Mounting Plate to the Inside of the Plastic Mounting Clip: 12 9/16"
  • From Point of Attachment at the Handle to the Point of Attachment at the Metal O Ring: 19 1/4"
  • From the Outside of the Handle to the End of the Metal O Ring: 22 1/4"
  • Metal O-Ring: 5/16" Inside Diameter
  • Length of Pull (from closed to open position): 2 1/4"

Material and Color

This item is made of plastic with the exception of the cable and the O-Ring connector which are both made of metal. The color is black.
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