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This cable's approximate overall length, including the D-Pull and the "S" cable end is 40 1/2". With the D-Pull in the unpulled, closed position, the length of the cable enclosure (not counting the exposed "S" End Cable) is 35 3/4". The exposed "S" End Cable and the "S" End are approximately 4 7/8" in length.

This cable features a D-Ring pull and a fastening plate with two screw holes at one end. The other end features an insertable clip for holding for holding the "S" end of the cable stationary and the "S" end piece itself.

The Insertable Clip referenced above is approximately 3/4" (side to side) x 11/32" thick x 1" deep.
  • Handle: 2 5/8" W x 1 3/4" H (not incl. base)
  • Mounting Plate with 2 Screw Holes: 1 3/4" W (screw holes are 1" apart on center) x 1 1/8" H
  • From Mounting Plate to Top of D-Pull Stop on Cable: 2 3/8"
  • From Mounting Plate to Insertable Clip: 29 9/16"
  • Color and Material The cable and handle are black in color. The D-Pull is made of plastic. The cable itself is made of steel and the"S" connector is metal.
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