Controller Appearance & Operation

The controller is black in color with two white buttons. One button lowers the recliner and the other button raises the recliner.

Controller Cord & Plug

The controller is supplied with a 5 pin circular black straight plug attached to a coiled 62" black cable. The cable can uncoil to approximately 101"+.

Detachable Cable Section Feature

This item features a detachable cable section which enables the consumer to use either the combined cable sections together if a longer cable is desired or by removing the detachable section to shorten the length of the total coiled cable by about half. A special plug keeps the two sections securely joined when both sections are needed. The detachable section is easily removed with the remaining cable using the same type 5 pin straight male connector.

If a Right-Angle Connecting Plug Is Required

This item features a straight male plug. If a right-angle male plug is required for your installation, please see under "Related Products" along the right edge of this page.
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