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White Self-Lubricating Polyethylene Back Drawer Track Slide Bearing - Set of 5

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Item # 113*13788

Approximate Dimensions
  • Height: 1 28/32"
  • Width: 2 13/32"
  • Slot Height: 10/32"
  • Slot Width: 1 6/32"

Sold As a Set of 5
This item is sold as a set of 5. Thus, selecting a quantity of 1 will select 1 Set of 5 bearings. Selecting a quantity of 2 will select 2 sets of 5 or 10 bearings.
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    Function This Back Bearing fits on the back side of the drawer. The open end extends down beneath the bottom of the drawer to engage the track on which the drawer rides as it is opened and closed. The track and the track bearing serve to keep the drawer level as it is opend and closed. Replacement The original back bearing can become damaged or simply worn out. This back bearing is designed as a replacement for the original back bearing. Method of Attachment to Drawer Holes will need to be drilled in the top of the back bearing to facilitate attachment to the back side of the drawer. The diameter of the holes should match the diameter of the screw shaft used to attach the back bearing to the back of the drawer. Designed for Durability and Smooth Operation The Back Bearing is constructed of durable self-lubricating polyethylene to provide smooth operation and long service.

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