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1.0 Mil. Plastic Protective Sofa Cover

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Item # 527*R100D

Approximate Dimensions
The Sofa Cover fits Sofas up to 100" wide. The bag size is 134" x 46" x 1.0 mil in thickness.
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    Protection When It Is Needed There are times when furniture needs protection from some of life's inconveniences. Dust, spills, dirt, and stains are just some of the inconveniences that can do serious damage to our costly furniture and heirlooms. A move, storage, or remodeling all place furniture items in harm's way. Protective Sofa Cover Our 1.0 Mil Plastic Protective Sofa Cover is specifically designed to protect sofas from harmful environments. When the move or remodel is complete, or when you return to the vacation cottage -- your sofa will be as fresh and pristine as the day it was covered.

    Additional Information

    Mattress Size Twin
    Leg Height No
    Leg Style No