Sleeper Sofa Repair Kit  The sleeper sofa repair kit does not include the sleeper sofa replacement mechanism. Most often, sleeper sofas just require the replacement of the polypropylene deck that supports the mattress. This is basically what the sofa repair kit includes. Each kit contains a replacement polypropylene deck along with helical springs for perimeter attachment of the deck to the old sleeper sofa mechanism. If the original sleeper sofa mechanism is still in good working order, it is more cost effective and easier to just replace the polypropylene deck.    Designed for the Leggett & Platt Max Plus Sleeper Sofa  The Hospitality Bed MAX PLUS Leggett & Platt Sleeper Sofa Repair Kits are designed to fit the Leggett & Platt MAX PLUS brand. Components sizes vary by width and can accommodate both residential and contract markets. Contract markets include hotels, motels, and resorts.    Made in the United States  All the components in this kit are quality manufactured in the United States.    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Ordering the Correct Size and Deck Replacement Instructions

  • Important   Please contact us if you have any question about this Repair Kit. Our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to assist you in determining the proper size to order.

Model Number Information  Please look for the Leggett model number sticker on your current mechanism and match it to the model number below. The model number of your current mechanism is the only accurate way to ensure a correct replacement. Please reference the chart below to find your model number.    

Available in the Following Widths:SizeModel

44" Twin:1544, 2544, 2744, 4415, 4425, 4427

48" Twin:1548, 2548, 2748, 4815, 4825, 4827

60" Full:1560, 2560, 2760, 6015, 6025, 6027

67" Queen:1567, 2567, 2767, 6715, 6725, 6727

68" Queen:1568, 2568, 2768, 6815, 6825, 6827

Additional Help in Selecting the Correct Sleeper Sofa Repair Kit

  • If the manufacturer is Leggett & Platt and:
    • The first four digits of your model number contain a "15", "25", or "27", click here.
    • The first four digits of your model number contain a "35", click here.
    • The first four digits of your model number contain a "23", click here.
  • The manufacturer is Hickory Springs, and
    • The model / series number is in the 900 - 920 range click here.
  • If you cannot find your manufacturer or model number information, or are not sure which kit you need, please contact us.
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