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20" Self-Closing Bottom Mounted Steel Slide for Drawers, 3/4 Extension, 100 lb. Capacity, Beige, Per Pair

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Item # 116*423.37.050

Measuring Instructions
  • Measure the drawer from side to side and then measure the cabinet drawer opening from side to side. There must be an inch clearance (1/2" on each side) in order for the mechanical drawer slide to fit.
  • Measure the drawer from front to back, not including the face of the drawer.
  • The 20" drawer slide must be the same length as your drawer or the next size down.
  • Do not purchase drawer slides longer than your drawer. Doing so could prevent the drawer from closing completely.

  • 100 lb. Capacity
  • Material: Powder Coated Steel with 4 Friction Bearing-Mounted Nylon Rollers
  • 3/4 Extension
  • Self-Closing
  • Color: Beige
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    Problem Drawers Poorly functioning drawers can be frustrating. As they are opened or closed drawers can bind, stick, squeak, or misalign. Forcing a malfunctioning drawer open or closed can result in damage to the drawer and / or slide system. New Drawer Glides Restore / Improve Opening and Closing Fortunately, the solution for poorly functioning drawers is easy -- new drawer slides. New drawer slides replace the old suspension system of your drawer and will provide long service with smooth and easy operation. Bottom Mounted Extension Slides Installation Overview The 20" Bottom Mounted Extension Slide is easy to install and mount. The two supporting tracks are mounted on either side of the drawer cavity. Each track will support the corresponding rail which is attached to the bottom of each side of the drawer. After the tracks are installed in the drawer cavity and the rails are installed on the bottom sides of the drawer, the drawer with the attached rails is simply gently pushed into the corresponding slide tracks. Operational Overview The drawer slides will maintain the drawer in a horizontal position even when it is extended to its full 3/4 open position; it will not sag. The roller bearings will provide smooth easy operation of the drawer. The drawer may be easily removed from its track should the need arise. This drawer has a self-closing feature. When the drawer is pushed to within approx. 2 1/4" of the closed position, the drawer will automatically gently glide shut. Weight Capacity and Operational Specifics
    • Dynamic Load Carrying Capacity Per Pair: 100 lbs.
    • Rollers: 4 Friction Bearing-Mounted Nylon Rollers (2 per slide)
    • Extension: 3/4
    • Type Closing: Self-Closing
    • Slide Material: Powder Coated Steel
    • Screw Size: #7 Flat Head (Screws not included)
    How Sold This product is sold on a per pair basis. Selecting a quantity of 1 will result in a purchase of 1 pair. Selecting a quantity of 2 will result in a purchase of 2 pair.

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