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Superlevelダス Automatic Self-Adjusting Replacement Feet for Tables

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Item # 116*651.30.332

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Comes as a set of 4 glides in a box. Has a 1/4"-20 Screw for mounting.
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    The Annoying Wobbly Table A wobbly table is an equal opportunity annoyer - it doesn't care who you are, what you do, where you live, eat, sleep or play. A wobbly table inflicts equal irritation on anyone attempting to eat, drink or work at it. Wobbly Table Prevalence Tell anyone about Superlevel™ glides and chances are they'll relate an incident they had with a wobbly table. It often changes their opinion about the establishment they were at, and unfortunately, their shaky experience probably remained a secret between them and their wait person. Economical and Durable Superlevel™ glides are economical, easy to install (or can be ordered as an upgrade on new tables) and built to last. How the Superlever™ Works Superlevel™ glides are an automatic self-adjusting glide that permanently eliminate table wobble by instantly and automatically self-adjusting to an uneven floor. The weight of a table will activate Superlevel's spring-and-ramp mechanism; this spring-and-ramp action creates a permanent solution to stop the table from wobbling on an uneven floor. This instant and automatic self-adjustment occurs every time a table is moved resulting in a permanently wobble-free table. A Permanent Solution Because Superlevel™ glides thread into the table base they cannot be swept up, lost or moved out of place like temporary shims. Reduce costs by eliminating the waste of pricey consumables as temporary solutions.

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