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Heavy-Duty Steel Bed Frame Insert Plugs for 3/8" Threaded Glide, Set of 4

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Item # 106*SP38

Approximate Dimensions
  • Upper Plug Insert: 1/2" diameter round x 1" high
  • Bottom Base of Insert: 11/16" in diameter x 3/16" high (this section will remain outside the insertion opening)
Color and Construction
Pewter color Heavy Duty Steel

Set of 4
This item is sold as a set of 4
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    Purpose and Application These metal heavy-duty inserts are made to be inserted into your bedframe leg in order to allow the connection of a 3/8" threaded glide. Opening Required for Insertion The required 1/2" diameter round opening must be approximately 1" deep in order for the plug to fit. The opening may be deeper than 1" as the plug is open at the top to allow log threaded glides to be accommodated. The long threaded shaft of the glide will simply pass through the top of the plug and continue up into the cavity in the bedframe leg.

    Additional Information

    Mattress Size Twin