Item # 118*NG-53805

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7/8" Diameter Nickel Plated Steel Glide with Intermediate Rubber Layer - Set of 12

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Item # 118*NG-53805

Approximate Dimensions
  • Diameter of Steel Glide: 7/8"
  • Diameter of Rubber Cushioning Layer: 19.5/32"
  • Height of Steel Glide and Rubber Cushioning Layer: 13/32"
  • Height of Steel Tack: 23/32"
How Sold
This glide is sold as a set of 12
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    Glide Construction Protect your furniture and your floors with the 7/8" Diameter Steel Glide. The glide is constructed of nickel plated steel with an intermediate cushioning rubber layer. Attachment Method The glide attaches easily and securely to your furniture with a sturdy 23/32" tack.

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