Item # 145*FGCA-BRZ-1100

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1" Bronze Colored Plastic ForeverGlides for Cast Aluminum Patio and Outdoor Furniture, Set of 4 Glides

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Item # 145*FGCA-BRZ-1100

ForeverGlides® are constructed of high-grade space-age plastic, Delrin®, for durability. They will last up to ten times longer than conventional glides. The hard, slick, long wearing, and virtually indestructible plastic is 1/8" thick.

Approximate Dimensions
  • Please see Approximate Dimensions illustration under "More Views".
  • Note: A second smaller push rivet (not pictured) is also included with this glide -- Top Diam: 13.5/32", Shaft Length: 22.5/32", Shaft Diam: 3/16"
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    Application ForeverGlides® are replacement glides for wrought iron and cast aluminum patio and outdoor furniture. They are designed to replace missing plastic pop-in furniture glides with durable self-leveling glides. The resilient cushion in each glide constantly adapts to surface irregularities thus helping to provide comfortable seating for chair occupants. ForeverGlides® are safe for use on brick pavers, concrete, linoleum, parquet, hardwood, and tile floors. Defective or missing glides can damage and scar floor surfaces. ForeverGlides® are the safe comfortable alternative to old plastic glides. Installation Please see labeling of parts on Approximate Dimensions illustration under "More Views
    • These glides may be installed on furniture which has or does not have a metal cup to receive the glide
    • If the furniture item does have a metal cup, the ForeverGlides® are attached with the included waterproof industrial adhesive pad to the metal cup
    • If the furniture item does not have a metal cup to receive the glide, but does have a hole to receive the included plastic push rivet -- the backing is removed from the included adhesive pad, the push rivet is inserted through the hole in the adhesive pad and then through the hole in the included glide housing.
    • The backing is removed from the exposed side of the adhesive pad and the glide bottom is pressed onto the exposed side of the adhesive pad
    • The entire glide assembly is then attached to the furniture item with the push rivet which is pushed firmly into the receiving hole in the furniture item.
    • Easy installation requires no tools.
    What Is Included
    • 4, Glide Bottoms
    • 4, Glide Housings
    • 4, 11/16" Push Rivets
    • 4, 13.5/32" Push Rivets
    • 4, 7/8" Adhesive Pads with removable center sections

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