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Dual Wheels

Each of the dual wheels is 2" in diameter and 3/4" in width.


The caster body is a new-age heavy-duty composite plastic. The caster tread is thermoplastic rubber and the caster core is polypropylene plastic. The caster axle is steel as is the 360 degree swiveling grip ring stem with brass band. Provides heavy duty support plus a smooth, softer wheel that is less noisy and easier on wood floors.

Brake Equipped

Two of the casters per set are brake equipped.

Weight Capacity

Each caster can support 150 lbs. Four casters together could support up to 4 x 150 lbs. = 600 lbs.

How Sold

Casters are sold as a set of 4. Thus, selecting a quantity of 1 will result in 1 set of 4 casters being ordered. Selecting a quantity of 3, for example, will result in 3 sets of 4 casters or 12 casters being ordered.

  • Stem Diameter: 7/16" | Stem Height: 1 1/2"
  • Caster Height (not incl. stem): 2 29/32"
  • Wheel Diameter: 2" | Wheel Width: 3/4"
  • Total Caster Width (with Brake): 2 19/32" | Total Caster Width (without Brake): 2 11/32"
  • Two of the casters per set of 4 are brake equipped
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