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33" Trundle Bed Pop-Up Unit, Spring Link Deck

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Item # 101*450030

Approximate Dimensions
  • Height: 15 1/4" elevated, 4 1/2" collapsed
  • Overall Size: 33 1/2" x 72"
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    Safety, Convenience, Durability Our Trundle Pop-Up unit has been built with safety, convenience, and durability in mind.
    • Safety: Gravity locks prevent inadvertent release, while the torsion spring tab locks the activation bar securely.
    • Convenience: The Angle-Up Side Rails help to retain the mattress in its proper position on the trundle (see picture of this feature above).
    • Durability: Galvanized helical spring suspension, two cross supports, and a link wire deck contribute to the long-term durability of this unit.
    • Helically suspended link deck
    • Sturdy construction, designed for maximum strength and safety.
    • Dual 3/4" x 3/4" cross bars for added center support.
    • Angle up side rails help retain mattress.
    • Dual gravity locks ensure position stability.
    • Torsion Spring-loaded Activation Bar assures that bar is locked in position.
    • Rounded corners for safety.
    Special Note Some of the pictures under "More Views" show this item with a polypropylene deck. This unit has a spring link wire deck as shown in the main picture. The pictures showing the polypropylene deck are used simply to illustrate various features of this item.

    Additional Information

    Mattress Size Twin