Beautiful Form / Enhanced Function -- This Is Not a Typical Coat Hook

  • The design and finish set the Decorative Satin Nickel Coat Hook apart from other rudimentary coat hooks. The circular ring is designed to securely support the coat, even heavy bulky coats, without stressing the fabric.
  • There is also a wide secondary hook built into the coat hook that can be used to hang additional items.
  • Another possible use for the coat hook would be to use the circular ring to hang a hat while hanging a coat on the wide hook.
  • Beautiful form and enhanced function are perfectly united in this well designed and beautifully finished coat hook.
Easy Installation

  • The coat hook attaches to a wall or door with two included wood screws.
  • Also supplied with the coat hook are two plastic anchors for securing the coat hook onto drywall.
  • Tools Required for Installation: Phillips screwdriver, hammer for driving the plastic anchors into drywall, drill for drilling either pilot holes for the wood screws or holes in drywall for the plastic anchors.
How Sold

This coat hook is sold singly.
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