Glides Provide Better Protection for Hard Surface Floors Due to the larger area contacting the floor surface, glides provide better protection for hard surfaces, such as wood flooring, than do casters. Removing Casters and Installing Glides Is a Simple Procedure Basically, the presently installed caster is simply pulled out of the insertion location and the glide is pushed in and inserted in place of the caster. Priced Singly These are priced "each", so a Quantity of 2 will yield two glides. Plastic Plug Inserts Plastic Plug Inserts are optionally available by selecting them at the right. These plastic inserts are made to be inserted in your bed frame to facilitate the correct fit for your casters. The price of the plastic inserts will be automatically discounted in the cart if purchased together with these wheels.
  • (Approx.) 2-1/4" Base Diameter
  • (Approx.) 3-1/8" Stem Length (3-3/4" Total Length Incl. Glide)
  • (Approx.) 3/8" Stem Top Diameter
  • Zinc Plated Metal Cover
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